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Small Bowel Resection - Multi Specialty Hospital | Bangalore Orthopaedic and Surgical Hospital | BOSH | Bangalore

The small intestines are very important for maintaining good digestive health. Also called the small bowel, they absorb nutrients and fluid that you eat or drink. They also deliver waste products to the large intestine.

Problems with function can put your health at risk. You may need surgery to remove a damaged section of your small intestines if you have intestinal blockages or other bowel diseases. This surgery is called a small bowel resection.


General anesthesia is necessary for this surgery. You’ll be asleep and pain-free during the operation. Depending upon the reason for surgery, the procedure can take between one and eight hours.

There are two main types of small bowel resection: open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

Open surgery:Open surgery requires a surgeon to make an incision in the abdomen. The location and length of the incision depend upon a variety of factors such as the specific location of your problem and build of your body. Your surgeon finds the affected part of your small intestine, clamps it off, and removes it.

Laparoscopic surgery:Laparoscopic or robotic surgery uses three to five much smaller incisions. Your surgeon first pumps gas into your abdomen to inflate it. This makes it easier to see. They then use miniature lights, cameras, and small tools to find the diseased area, clamp it off, and remove it. Sometimes a robot assists in this type of surgery.