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A total knee replacement, also known as a total knee arthroplasty, involves removing the damaged portion of the knee and capping the bony surfaces with man-made prosthetic implants. Although total knee replacements provide excellent results and patient satisfaction, they are typically reserved for patients who have exhausted all other options. If conservative treatments for arthritis pain stop being effective and simple activities such as walking or climbing stairs become difficult or impossible, total knee replacement may be an option. In this procedure, the cartilage and bone surface is removed and resurfaced with a metal and plastic implant.

New minimally invasive and smaller incision surgical techniques are being used for total joint replacement. Because less tissue is cut, these techniques may allow for quicker, less painful recovery and a more rapid return to activities.

Computer-assisted surgery is the newest generation of technology available in joint replacement. With the aid of a highly precise computer-imaging system, the surgeon creates a visual map of the knee that allows his to see beyond what is possible with the naked eye. Every aspect of the operation is tracked by computer including the surgical instrumentation and the positioning of the implant, enabling the surgeon to achieve extremely accurate implant alignment. Click on the Consultants below to learn more about your Doctors.