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Cosmetic surgery can also be very effective in the treatment of disfigurement from cuts, animal bites, and burns. The transformation helps many to regain the ability to eat, sleep, smile, and live a normal life.

The removal of tumors, cancerous tissues, or diseased or dead tissue can also cause disfigurement or scars. It is bad enough to undergo a terrible disease, but even worse to experience disfigurement from it. Reconstructive surgery can also address physical issues resulting from facial palsy (such as Bells palsy), carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, pressure ulcers, and Dupuytrens contracture.

It is really phenomenal what cosmetic surgery can do. With modern advances, the ability to restore a person’s physical appearance can also restore lost mobility and self-esteem. There is hope for those who are dealing with disfigurement