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Daily Foot Care - Multi Specialty Hospital | Bangalore Orthopaedic and Surgical Hospital | BOSH | Bangalore

Here are a few foot care habits one can adopt and try to do every day.

  • medical Check the feet and toes, inspecting the tops, sides, soles, heels, and the area in between the toes
  • medical Inspect the feet
  • medical Wash the feet every day in warm water with mild soap. Hot water and harsh soaps can damage the skin. Check the water temperature with fingers or elbow before putting the feet in. Diabetes may make it difficult to sense water temperature with feet.
  • medicalPat your feet to dry them and make sure to dry well. Infections tend to develop in moist areas, so make sure you dry the area between your toes well.
  • medicalIf the skin on your feet feels rough or dry, use lotion or oil. Do not use lotion between your toes.