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Intensive care consultants at BOSH are on hand to ensure the survival of the most critically ill patients. We provide expert care for patients of all ages, offering multi-organ and respiratory support. A 30 bed hospital and 5 beds dedicated to ICU department, we can take care of patients even in the most challenging situations. Our consultant intensivists and critical care nurses give 1-to-1 care, 24/7. We use the latest technology to give multi-organ and advanced respiratory support, and to look after high dependency patients who have single organ failure or who've just had major surgery. Using advanced therapeutic, monitoring and diagnostic technology, the objective of critical care is to maintain organ system functioning and improve the patient’s condition such that his or her underlying injury or illness can then be treated.

Our 24-hour Intensive Care Unit provides dedicated and specialized care for

  • medicalCritically ill patients
  • medicalPatients requiring advanced care following major complex surgical procedures
  • medicalPatients with a variety of medical conditions who require complex multi-organ support
  • medicalHigh risk patients undergoing minor/intermediate procedures e.g. patients with sleep apnoea, or complex medical histories
  • medicalAcutely ill inpatients

The ICU Facilities Include

  • medicalA sophisticated airflow system throughout to protect patients with compromised immune systems or those who are vulnerable to infection
  • medicalNursing stations inside ICU so patients can be monitored and cared for without being disturbed
  • medicalSophisticated lighting which can be dimmed along with offering a choice of different colors to suit each individual patient

Through our team we are able to offer 24 hour access to non-invasive and advanced mechanical ventilation, modern continuous haemodynamic monitoring systems.

Critical Care Medical Team

The critical care medical team consists of intensive care consultants and a combination of anaesthetists specialist registrars and intensive care medicine specialist registrars. The department has an excellent team ethos and has regular weekly multidisciplinary team meetings to enhance patient care.

Critical Care Nursing Team

The team of critical care nurses are specifically trained in critical care, and are led by the critical care clinical nurse lead. Nursing staff and clinicians have an excellent team co-ordination and are always available at the patient’s bedside.
The environment is extremely supportive, and facilitates the development of specialized intensive care nursing skills. The aim is to provide the very best technical and emotionally competent nursing care possible.

Critical Care Multidisciplinary Team

The wider multidisciplinary team includes a dedicated critical care pharmacist, a dietitian, a team of physiotherapists, a medical microbiologist, symptom control team and complementary therapies.


  • medicalPatients are cared by multidisciplinary team of dedicated experts.
  • medicalTrained & Experienced medical staff at each unit.
  • medicalDelivers a high quality care with an international protocol of nursing care.
  • medicalManaging all types of critically ill patients & poly trauma patients.

Pharmacy Team

The pharmacy team is based on the second floor and 24/7 supports patients, nurses and consultants to ensure that medicines are used to benefit patients. The core purpose of pharmacy team is making sure that patients receive the right medicines at the right time. The hospital has a full-fledged pharmacy which operates round the clock allowing the patients to procure their medicines in the hospital premises itself, thus avoiding the need to hunt for these in the city at odd hours. Pharmacy Technicians and other support staff make sure adequate quantities of essential medicines are available on wards to avoid delays to patients’ treatments.