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BOSH Team: along with Bangalore Diabetes Centre (BDC) has a long history of providing high quality health care & clinical excellence. A 30 bed hospital located in North Bangalore, BOSH takes pride in delivering exceptional patient care. Through the allocation of appropriate services, we are committed to improving the community's health status by providing a full spectrum of health care services. With Advanced Technological support our Specialist teams includes experienced and highly skilled Surgeons, Nurses, Anesthetists, Physiotherapists, Radiologists and Pathologists and the various hospital and healthcare staff. BOSH provides a full range of hospital services for the community in India, as well as specialist care for patients from further afield.

BOSH believes in its Commitment to Improved Community Health.

Our Vision

Being an authentic Health Care provider, adapting the state of being TRUE in our interactions with our patients, their family members and with each other.

Our Mission

Pioneering and building treatments and care processes to achieve and retain best form of health .